Reading: relies on Rooster’s recruitment platform to get the right candidate relies on Rooster’s recruitment platform to get the right candidate


Urban is leading the experience and journey of the newly accustomed Sri Lankan digital shoppers by guaranteeing the quality of the products being bought.


Colombo, Sri Lanka


eCommerce is a premium online store that caters to the Sri Lanka market with original and branded items. Their careful attention on product quality, on-time delivery and customer care have helped them become the best traded online store in Sri Lanka over the years.

For companies that focus heavily on customer service and care like Urban, hiring the right people for the job is a big part of ensuring customer satisfaction. To find the right fit, they follow a thorough selection and onboarding process. For them, talented and innovative candidates that fit in well at the culture at are ideal.

“We integrated Rooster into our system and it actually only took a few minutes. I love the UI and the whole process there”

Kalana Muthumuni, Co Founder, COO of

Rooster helps businesses like Urban to formalize their hiring process under one platform. With our ATS, they’ve been able to seamlessly receive, review and shortlist candidates in a matter of minutes while gaining access to the necessary tools to set up and conduct interviews efficiently