How to integrate your career’s page with Rooster: A step by step guide

How to integrate your career’s page with Rooster: A step by step guide

October 12, 2020

If you have a company website, chances are that you have a career’s page. 

Most organisations use their career’s page for one sole purpose: to inform potential candidates about ongoing openings.

Usually, the process would follow this pattern:

  •  The candidates would read through the job description and forward their CV’s to an email address mentioned in the description. 
  • Once the emails start coming in, 
  • your recruitment team would start manually saving, sorting through and organizing these CVs.
  • You’d use a spreadsheet to keep a track of everyone and manually add in all the information as you go. 

And while this isn’t a terrible way to do things, it’s probably not the most efficient.

CV’s usually tend to get lost and it’s hard to keep track of everyone that’s sending their resumes in over a few weeks, or maybe months. 

If you’re in human resource management, you’re probably familiar with the trials of manual sorting and tracking.

So, how do you solve this problem?

It’s actually not that hard.

You already use technology to sort and organize your CV’s.

The problem is, it’s just not automated enough. 

This is where an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Rooster comes in. 

It’s a very nifty piece of human resource management software that lets you automate and keep track of your applicant’s. 

Now, there’s a lot of things you can do with Rooster. 

We’re going to specifically talk about the career page integration feature today.

What is career page integration?

When you integrate your career’s page with Rooster, you basically link your job openings to the applicant tracking system. 

This way, your candidates wouldn’t have to send in their CV’s separately into your email address. 

Let’s have a look at how you can integrate your careers page with Rooster. 

Step 01: Log in to your account 

Go to and sign in to your account 


Step 02:  Go to your ‘Setup’ page 

1. Click on your profile picture 

2. Select ‘Setup’

Step 03: Choose your integration method 

You can integrate Rooster with your website in two methods:

1. Direct URL integration 

Here, you can replace your “careers” button on your website’s navigation bar with Rooster’s URL. 

2. Install a snippet of code 

You can copy-paste a small snippet of code on to your website and directly connect your career’s page to Rooster’s ATS. 

If you also want to make the widget more visually appealing, you can always override the styles to match your website styles by copy – pasting the following code! 

You can also watch our walk through video on how to integrate your careers page with Rooster here.


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