Everything you need to start hiring

Recruitment workflow

Introduce structure to your hiring process by utilizing the built-in recruitment workflow. Rooster will grow with you, regardless of your hiring process.

Unlimited Users

We believe in collaborative hiring here at Rooster. Register any amount of users and hiring managers in all our packages.

Candidate Management

Organize your candidates with our wide range of filters and search fields directly from your hiring pipeline.

Ongoing support

Use the live-chat feature on the bottom right corner of the screen to start talking to a real person.

Career Page Integration

With Rooster, you never have to worry about your careers page ever again. Connect directly to our platform by integrating a simple snippet of code.

Unlimited Jobs & CVs

You can freely create and post jobs in all our paid plans. You will never have to worry about user limits.

Collaborative Hiring

Hiring managers and interviewers can add both qualitative and quantitative feedback on any individual candidate.

Partner Program

We work together with organizations to help them reach their recruitment goals through long term partnerships.

Live Synchronization

Every job you post on your website updates automatically on Rooster's job portal. This feature can help you reach thousands of potential candidates.

Job Management

Use our Applicant Tracking System to organize jobs, filter your searches and save job descriptions.

Automated Messaging

Our platform comes with pre-built email templates & automatic updates to keep your candidate informed during hiring.

We're adding new features every week.

Job Scorecards

Visualize your evaluation criteria. Customize your hiring criteria with this feature and gain access to better data from your interview process

Manual Import/Export

Manually import candidates into your hiring pipeline. Rooster automatically verifies their details and helps you get on track to hire better.

Notification System

A fully customizable system to manage your notifications. Personalize from a selection of notification types and frequencies.

Rooster API

Use our API and customize Rooster to fit your organization’s style or build your apps on top of our platform.

Talent Pool

Maintain records of all your past candidates in one place with this feature. You can instantly validate whether they'd be interested in upcoming vacancies.

Video Screening

Use our video-screening module to preview potential upcoming hires. Enable video to improve the pre-screening standards of your candidates.

Email Synchronization

Allow external candidates to apply to your jobs directly by connecting a dedicated email account to Rooster.

Artificial Intelligence

Use our recruitment tech to stay ahead of the curve. Make the best of advanced parsing, matching and screening automations with our upcoming Machine Learning module.

Recruitment Analytics

Get a better understanding of your hiring process with our analytics dashboard. Rooster looks at historic data to help you improve sourcing, interviews and more.

Task Manager

This is a custom interface that helps your hiring managers and interviewers prioritize their workload to achieve the best outcomes for your organization.

Schedule Interviews

Save time by integrating your candidate interviews directly on Rooster’s Applicant Tracking System.